Creative destruction seems an appropriate concept to describe the current experience of my soul.  Destruction is sure.  The creative is a blind statement of faith.  I am a man who loves his family yet have let them down.  I am a man with some small success and reputation yet feel unaccomplished.  I am a man who has experienced much yet feel ignorant and uninitiated.  I am a man who carries  deep compassion for others yet now have nothing to give.  I am a lover of words and of the “profound” yet they ring shallow and hollow in my being.

I have pursued various pathways seeking the answers to the questions, the mate to the desires of my heart.  I have always been afflicted by these motivations and they have brought both blessings and curses.  As a boy odd questions would occur to me for which I could find no answer.  The result was just more questions. This trait made me different in general and sensitive to process and in the higher levels of my education “profound”.  It is funny to me that just by not recycling the same old concepts bandied about got me rewarded with A’s.  Nothing really accomplished just mastered the education game.  I did similar things with the athletic game, the religious game, the business game, the judicial, and the political games.  Was rewarded with bits of paper and shiny things that allowed me to buy food, to survive, to keep playing the game.  Sometimes there was even applause.  Now mastered made be too strong a word.  Its not like I won all of those games.  It may be more correctly stated that I figured out that there were rules behind the rules of the games.  And each had a Wizard behind the curtain keeping the Munchkins in line.

At each point there was a destruction and a reordering of me.  So at least I have a history that re-creation follows the destruction.  That is the faith part.  The most recent experience had to do with the games that I had been playing.  No longer focused on the outer games.  Imagine my shock and wonder when I stepped, stumbled, and fell through my own curtain.  As I lifted my gaze a river of horror and disgust flooded my soul when my eyes met my own looking back at me.  I was the thing I said I despised, the Wizard.   And now that Oz has crumbled, or is even now crumbling I sit looking at the ruin seeking something, anything to salvage.  My sons have been watching this process for some months.  Recently my eldest reminded me of a concept that had meant something to me, Plato’s Groove.  My middle son reminded me of things that though true should not be printed in a public forum.:)  They both have assisted me in their own ways. They even tried to help an old man figure out how to blog.

The idea of Plato’s Groove is creative and musical with the feeling of good jazz or R&B.  It is philosophical in that it seeks truth or answers or even better questions beyond the curtain of the Wizard.  It is spiritual for that is the energy of existence. It is that in which we live and move and have our being.  It will endeavor to speak to the flow of creativity, a pull on the Soul toward truth and meaning and purpose.  Answers to the questions of the heart, that which motivates the quest, and ultimately satiates desire, all are metaphors for the unique groove or flow our souls seem to seek, even yearn for.  I come at Plato a bit indirectly and claim no real expertise except that which I know from my own experience.  His cave analogy and rough ideas around the Real that exists and calls to us here in this shadowy and generally undefined existence are the hooks I hang such thoughts on.

So I will write.  To whom?  Ultimately I can not foresee.  But I know one guy I hope to reach.  He is in dire need.  I saw it in my ashen face when I saw myself behind the curtain.  As I sift through the rubble I find scattered all around me thoughts and ideas, poems and stories and songs that need a place to go and be.  I have made for them a place and I called it Plato’s Groove.  If you should wander in here be welcome.  If you find something you need please help yourself (within all relevant copy-write considerations of course).  And if you should like to leave something of yours please do as long as its helpful and honest and you are not stupid.  Ignorance is welcomed.  I have plenty.  Can’t do much about stupid and I have enough for this site already.  If something stupid is published here it will come from me.  Hope You find your Groove!