Grace and the freedom to choose. There is no past or future. There is only now. All else is illusion. The past can repeat itself but it does so in the present moment. Tomorrow never makes its way into today. There is only now. Jesus said “The Kingdom is among you (now) Can you not perceive it?” Other religions teach a similar concept.

The page is blank again
You’ve wiped it blank it’s clean
Today I can begin again
Here between the Holy and (the) obscene
(Paul’s – the things I want to do I don’t. . . who will save me from this body of death?)

(Past – We can choose to live here with no power and in shame trapped by the illusion of the past.)

Your grace is new each day
But the past still clouds my mind
Failures, fears, insecurities, still
Creep (rise, sneak, loom?) up from behind

(Future – We can live in the present timid and shrinking back in fear of what may come. Inaction and indecision is a feeble surrender to the tired and stale addiction of what has been.)

Your grace is new each day
And my future is not yet cast
I go out knowing not where I go
And I seek my life’s true path

(Now – The present moment is eternal. Here exists the portal through which the Kingdom may come. It is the only avenue through which the Real/Eternal may enter the Shadowlands (reference C.S. Lewis.) Conscious choice, action, refraining from action, wakefulness, etc. is the only state of being which is indeed Life. All else is walking death. It is my delight, my privilege, and my responsibility to write my story. To abdicate is to live outside of creativity, reality, Life, and/or the will of God.)

Your grace is new each day
And each day I get to choose
I’m the one who writes or not
I light or not the fuse

(Bridge – Grace is Reality. It is the nature of the universe. Yet like childish, cynical, deaf, dumb and blind fools we starve to death in the midst of a feast. We trade unlimited treasure for stale bread and brackish water. We attempt to create a life out of the illusions of past and future and all the while the power waits at our beck and call.)

In Your Grace I live and (and move and) have my being
Your Grace is the air I breathe
My mind seems weak and progress slow
(Please) Help me awake, help me believe.