I Need You – (Plato’s Groove & Act of Congress – 2006)

Longing focused on person, object, God

Sometimes I get lost and I have found
That as this world keeps on spinning round
The distractions of the day
Aren’t enough to make you go away.
You haunt me – mmmm – You haunt me.

When I sense you near my anticipation grows
And I know sometimes that my frustrations shows
But like a drowning man needs air
It’s hard to breath without you here.
You heal me – mmmm – You heal me.

You know the wonder of you takes me breath away
With a yearning much too deep for words to say
I know no matter what I do
No one can fit me quite like you.
You fit me – mmmm – You fit me.

As I wait for you the clock it moves so slow
And I’m not so sure if time is friend or foe
For the place I want to be
Is with you eternally.
I need you – mmmm – I need you.

– You haunt me –

– You heal me –

– You fit me –

– I need you –