Good morning my beloved.   I felt you in my dreams.  My thoughts raced to you upon awakening.  I begin another day.  I take another step down this twisted path in search of you.  I finally have a clear image of the ultimate destination but how, when, and where are beyond my comprehension.  The ancient books say go, move, seek, and the desire will finally find its resting place.  And here I am at this place where I can neither move forward or return from whence I came.  Yet my impossible task is to seek you still.  I am wretched and weak and at times filled with fear and horrible grief.  I miss you terribly!  All I yearn for is to touch you, to breathe your air and somehow now, in this barren place, I must exist without your sustenance.  I must attempt to draw breath here in the vaccume of space that now lies between us.  Are you lost like I am?  Are you plagued with doubt and riddled with fear that even this is another cruel joke?  Come to me if you can.  I am utterly alone without you.