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My Public Statement – Declaration

I had a vision of each soul awakening to their purpose. Speaking their own clear voice into existence. What kind of world would that be?

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Wishes in the Night – The Beloved (Audio)


The night sounds rise and fall around me

As stars emerge from the deep black well

Fireflies dance on the edge of vision

As dusk gives way to the night

Coolness settles upon the land

Stillness settles upon my heart

Tiny pinpricks of light appear

Delicate, peeping through the black curtain

Now soft pearl glow cast across the silence

Each moment brings the detail into focus

So too my heart’s desire becomes clear

Defined against the backdrop of my soul’s quietude

My wish is for you

And my wish for you is me

That you might be filled with me as the emptiness of space

Is filled with glorious light

That I might be to you the peace

Which settles over the night calling nature to rest

A night with no bumps in the dark.

No fear of exposure

No longer watchful

Only rest and blissful surrender

And if I may not have this wish then my next would be

That you may see yourself through my eyes

Then you would not need my light to fill your night

You would know the power in your form, the elegance in your movement

You would know your beauty as a gift and light to this dark and troubled world

You are most desirable in all things

And from that place of confident rest your striving would cease

You would become a source of grace and hope

And would lift up all whom you touch

If I might be granted even my second wish

I would know that my life has had a meaning

For I have recognized the sublime among the ordinary

To have held such to my breast is to have lived

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She hid a Peony in Her Heart


She hides a Peony in her heart

Among the folds of its pretty pink petals

Lie her treasures, her secrets, her pain

A fragrant bitter-sweet space few have known

Born in the time of blooming

Where the delicate bright light of summer danced off golden locks

Fine, nimble lines formed Her flesh

Curious, playful, alive like the season was Her soul

Then Summer supplanted by Winter’s cold sleep

Innocence salvaged, secreted, saved

Secured beyond the reach of Man or Mother

She hid a peony in her heart

Competent. clever, accomplished

Stoking the fires of others, mending their broken seams

Someone always needing Her to help, to fix, to figure out

Their assuming and her doing protects the flower of Her heart

Most days frantic functioning under calm sweet smile

But on occasion energy dissipates, walls weaken

A petal will drop from time to time leaving traces

If you would know Her follow the petals to Her heart

For She hides a peony there

And She longs to let it grow

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