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OILS on Cellphone – Both/And

“Oils on Cellphone”
From the Depths
Flow joy and sorrow
Joy-ing and sorrow-ing
Mingle, merging
My well rises and overflows
From salt tears and laughter
Rises the new thing
I am born again


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String Theory – Live


String Theory

What is it that ties it all together? What is that within which we live and move and have our Being? It is all connected, but the relationships are perceived from a place too deep for words. Out of the silence comes the music. From the stillness, the Dance. The seed is surrendered and given new life in the darkness. It must die to the old in order to live again. Listen for the still small voice, Be. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. “I will give thanks, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.”

I join in singing the song of Creation.

I dance to the rhythms of the Universe

I am in awe and wonder

Words, too leaky a vessel to contain it

My proclamation, my Yes, is gratefulness and Joy

I rejoice to know that even I am part of Life’s Miracle

My purpose is established since before the Foundations

No need to cling or strive or fret

Fear, now cast out by Love’s perfection

I Am

I am a little child again

I am the seed growing secretly

The great Oak which lives inside the tiny shiny Acorn

Roots deep within the damp dark earth

Branches reaching for Heaven

And in my swaying I pluck the very strings of the Cosmos

Rich resonance resounds and reveals

That I am not my own

And it is so much more fun that way

Finding one’s Groove allows one . . .

To Play 🙂

Peace Friends!

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Wrapped in Mercy

This is some spoken word  me and LeeJ the DJ did the other night.  It was not planned. Lee just started playing a song and I started talking.  It made me cry, in a good way.  I think it is something special and the first time I heard what Lee had done with it I wished that everyone in the universe could hear and feel this message.  It may only be special to Lee and I but my prayer is that somehow you listening to this will bring you what it is that you need the most right now.  Peace friends.


This art caught my eye
It reached out to me
With the vintage textures, colors, graphics
Pulling me in
The words spoke of loving acts
To those in need
Wrapped in mercy
Then I looked deeper and saw Me there
Seeing one who is also in need
Who also needs to be wrapped in mercy
And love
For I am also the Least of these

For what do you Hunger
For what do you Thirst
Where is your Nakedness
Your Soul’s Captivity
Do you also long for Home
What secret Infirmities do you hide
What death you carry even now calls to you
Give mercy because you are also in need of it
Know the Least of these is You

Peace Friends

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