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The Song of Anna

I made a friend a couple years ago that inspired my Celtic blood. This is her song. Find her at Anna Cottage.

The song of Anna – The “Bright One”

The true telling of Fionn and the Giant – Your Bard, Plato


She was born Anna the Bright

And blue brilliance like starlight birthed in the opening of her eyes

As her soul came to rest in the flesh

Her first cry announced the arrival to the Darkness

A shudder shook the shadows, a tremor announced their defeat

But the Darkness, in fear of her splendor sent out Benandonner to steal her joy

A giant, carrying years of pestilence in his sack

War, betrayal, abandonment, death, grief heavy like the damp dark earth

Sought to extinguish the brilliant blue flame of Anna

The jealous wicked Hag, agent of the Giant, beat her with a cane

Casting spells of the darkness and the lie, hoping to smother her spirit

Even Fionn the Great was injured, kicked by a horse

He was in fear of the Giant because of its great size and ferocity

He trembled knowing he could not match It’s strength

He knew Tara, the heart, would be lost

The Father’s strength now spent, turned to the Mother

He sought out Anna and taught her many wise and secret things

He called to the Shining Ones and they erected a Cairn over the light of her

She dwelt in the Heart for many years, dealing shrewdly with the Giant and the Hag

At times the light waned and flickered under the abuse

But she never allowed the flickering wick to be extinguished

She protected it and discovered places where no darkness could reach

She saw the beauty of the light’s flickering in the arts, a morning’s cup of coffee, a conversation,

The jeweled dew on the grass, the taste of green in the sunshine and the rain

She stored it all in her heart and hid it in her poems and songs

In times of weakness she would return to Fionn’s greatest gift to her

He had in humility revealed to her a power greater than his and instructed her

So in the time between times, as the bridge opened and joined the worlds

She would exit her sanctuary through the Tomb of the Captives and enter the realm of the Real

Bare feet walked the land, her soul recognized by the Oak’s bowing in the wind

Entering the grove she would kneel and reach deeply into the Irish earth, becoming still as the Lia Fail

She drew its fragrances deeply into her, uniting with its energy again

She felt the pull of Ireland upon her, understanding her connection to it and was renewed

She inhabited the place between the Otherworld and the Shadowlands

Balanced on the razors edge, entrusted with the light, awaiting the day of its revealing

The Shinning Ones watched and assisted the Light bearer in unseen ways

Just as she assisted and cared for the next generation, so too did the Tuatha De Danaan care for her

And as the time drew near, they sent to her a watcher, a companion, and a guide

Innocent and loyal, pure in her devotion, “Day’s Eye” ever watchful for the light

As the dawning approached they prepared for the journey, making ready for travel to the Place of Kings

Daisy assisted in choosing a gown fit for the Light bearer

It was time now for the Light to shine again on the New Kings

They have long forgotten Fionn and the Light, exercising power for its own sake

Evil now besets the land, abandoned, thirsty for mother’s milk

Yet even now her chariot traverses the land toward her destiny and ours

She is Anna the Bright, Keeper of the Light

Mother, Sister, Warrior Princess

Her sons rise and call her blessed

Recognize, honor her, for the Darkness could not overcome the Light

She reigns victorious at her unveiling, undaunted, regal head held high

Joy is her light, radiance and splendor her sword and shield

Prosperous are those with eyes to see, fruitful those with ears to listen

Her true value, the real treasure can never be looted by the Dark One’s

It is beyond their reckoning and reach

All those who are hungry rush to the feast and dine

All who thirst come and drink your fill

There is plenty at the table of Anna

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The idea of consciousness is just that, an idea. It is the thought not the thinker, much less the observer of the thinking. So many conversations about this can become so complicated, so weird, so serious, that they border on becoming just another religion to be learned, initiated into, believed and practiced. But there is nothing so simple, so easy, so natural. No words or explanations are required. None are possible. Breathe.
Photo – Matt Chambliss

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Sweet Science Radio

Sweet Science
It ain’t bitter baby
Candy for your brain
Sugar for your Soul
Sweet Science
Sweet Science Radio
If you are looking for the Truth
Turn on to the science of it
Move toward the Sweetness
The Truth is found in the Beautiful
It delights and calls from beyond the Pale
It reminds you of what your heart already knows
Sometimes Truth is fine and cuts like a knife
But it satisfies and is good, and gratifies the longings of your Heart
Sweet Science
It ain’t bitter baby
Candy for your Brain
Sugar for yiur Soul
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It’s Already Alright

Comprehension is a rare thing
A look that actually sees almost never happens
Laughter between two a joy which makes things grow
Beneath it all is a quiet calm payfulness
At ease, still, and watching
Familiar safe and trusted
It is as it ought to be
Fun, interesting, alive
Even the dark depths can bring clarity and life and laughter
There a Peace which passes and transcends Under-Standing
Step out from Under there
You can’t control what Is with your mind
It is too large to comprehend
Be before you Do
Know the Truth and be set free
Outgrow, unlearn what the world has taught
It’s already alright

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