Photo Art – Matt Chambliss – I chose this photo because I think all things need to be grounded in the Natural. Peace and Love and Liberty – Teal

I spent years running down every “Rabbit Hole” if could find, looking for the answer, an answer, something, that would quiet this thing in me. I think we all have that something that gives a sense of things “ought” to be different than they are. This song is the result of all those years of looking. What I discovered what that something was not quite right. But the answer was elusive because I was looking in the wrong direction. As for the rabbit holes travel as many as you may enjoy but know the ultimate answer will not be found there. The answer I found comes at the very end of this. It may be fun to travel one more path that for me provided the solution.


The questions we ponder create our reality. What burning questions are directing your thoughts, your actions, your soul? Are the questions you ponder emerging from the depths of you or are they programmed into your mind by others? Turn it off be still. Listen for that still small voice. I’m thinking if you are original you will be loving on a flat world or one shaped like a ball. And if one is an asshole the assholeness will be present in either geometric construct. Methinks that issue is the most relevant material to ponder. 😉
A little warning I used some words to provide a visceral experience of how the cultural programming works.  Because this will be played on the radio these words were run backwards.  It was disturbing to hear.  They sounded like evil curse, which of course they are. Just a heads ups.

Thank you to Lee Jeffrey. You are my friend. Lee hosts a Saturday radio show called Sweet Science Radio. I highly recommend it. It is fun to create with people who on the outside may seem different but with a little time and comprehension it is discovered we are one. Go hang out with LeeJtheDJ on Saturdays 10:00-12:00 pm CT on or anytime at


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