Here is something you may have been looking for. is an alternative social media platform based on a crypto-currency called Steem.  Most crypto-currencies “value” or work is done by computers solving algorithms which produce imaginary “coins” that are given value by the belief of the people involved. It may sound odd at first blush but it is not much different than our relationship with the fiat dollar or any other currency controlled by one of the reserve banks.  They don’t even do work.  Just type numbers into a computer and print some paper.  Well they are getting away from the paper.  It is a total fiction based on the belief of the people and the debt that fuels it.  The value or work or currency of Steem is created by the interactions of real people who create content, interact through commenting, and curating quality content of others.  It is kinda cool.


FB got on my last nerve a couple months back and I started looking around.   It is no get rich quick thing and takes some work but yesterday after a month or so my account was worth $152.00.  That is huge considering I do the same thing there that I do on other platforms. Never even got a thank you for helping to make them a ton of money.  It is only a couple years old and is in the Beta stage.  It did not cost any money to join just some effort in creating content and reaching out to others.  There are also communities who get together daily on Discord chat so the relationships can be even more “real” than an occasional comment or two. There is a Dtube (youtube) and another site for audio (soundcloud).  All of these pay money for interactions.  I just posted my first Dtube video 40 minutes ago and it has made $0.27   .

If anyone is interested I will post a brief overview video below.  If any of you are on Steemit or decide to start please come find me @platosgroove

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