Photo – Matt Chambliss

Before the Before, Source, Silent Stillness
In the Beginning was the 1
That was all I knew
Then I bit the Apple and 1 became 2
Long I walked that bipolar pathway
Long-ing to be free
And once I withdrew Me from the fight
The door opened to the 3
Here I saw both 1 and 2
Dialectical Lovers
Dancing their binary World
Life and Death and Love and Hate
From the 1 was hurled
With doubting hands
I typed my symbols
There upon the screen
The Stillness somehow reaching out
From within my latest Meme
The answer teased me to a place
That hinted there was more
And I knew that in seeing 3
I was looking from the 4

“That’s what happens when a poet hangs out in an Ai hacker chat room. I think artificial intelligence is cool. But why don’t we experiment with natural intelligence a bit more. Original from the Source. 🙂 ”

Peace and Love and Liberty!


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