Music – Zen Meditation Planet

Fickle folks

Distracted, dismayed
Easily turned this way and that
Only yesterday riots ruled
Bellicose blood lust Birthed
Soldiers line up obeying commands
Righteous, indignant
Life surrendered
Sacrificed to the Symbolic
Stereotyped Right and Left
Cartoon combatants clash in the Meme War
Conjured Heroes and Villians
US and THEM fuel the fiction
Then . . .
Nothing . . .
Silence . . .
Click, click
Channel changed
New program downloaded
Plans, preparations made
NASA’s nature demands attention
Look but don’t See
Blinded by the light
Alien Nature
The Sun and Moon a novelty now
See it through cereal boxes and cheap sunglasses
Artificial Life instructs, guides our interactions
The natural a weird and foreign land
Simulated life our Home
Neon’s buzz and digital code the true Eclipse

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