“A Bird on a Wire”

A Bird on a Wire

(L. Cohen – An Interpretation)
Art – Matt Chambliss
Where is your habitation
Origins unknown
Destiny’s dull desire dances out of reach
Longing lures
Lost, looking toward the next horizon
Drama of I played out once more
Familiar plots and themes and resolutions mingle with matter
Spirit and form and substance coalesce
Life again given to the Play
Like a bird on a wire
Held by grasping feet
Like a drunk in a choir
Finally at rest, secure
Safely stoned, at one with the Sacred
Fleeing frightening Freedom

Habitation is just habits
Origins, the Silent Stillness
Destiny done, already
Longing for what Is, already
Lost, lingering in the Mirror
Drama’s dance, Dread and Delight
Creature become Creator
Disconnected from Self
Seeking something Else
Surrender Godhood and see God
Let go grasping feet
Sacred Soul is the Lover
Freedom found when seeking surrendered

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