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Alabama Summer

The cooling moist grassy fragrance of a Summer’s rain

After the heat that surrounded and suffocated like a blanket

Now, the frogs voice their vibrant chorus as the Sun slowly fades, falling into the West

While Nature slows and settles down into the dark stillness of Night


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Daisy B52 Slingshot Conversion to B53 Fishing Slingbow – Parts 1-4

What I am discovering about myself is that all life is poetry, at least in the way I think about it.  Creating depends on finding the Groove, the way that makes something real.  There is always a Way.  This video/process to me is not about my genius or craftiness.  Other people could have done much better in much less time.  For me it is more of a study of manifesting an idea, a thought into something that can exist on this material plane. And it was fun.  For whatever reason I have found myself getting away from words and feeling an impulse toward stuff I can touch whether it be tomatoes or slingbows.  I have ordered a beautiful handmade wooden one but it will be a month or so before it gets here.  I did not want to wait that long to play.  So I decided to see what I could do in the interim.  May you walk in your Groove today.  Be Groovy. 🙂

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