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Spirit in the Sky

(Izzy Wrote) Spirit in the Sky

I saw my Spirit on the fly 


R – Looking for the Spirit in the Sky

Saw My Spirit on the Fly

Searched the World that I might be free

Now I rest, I have found it in Me


I sought the Spirit on a thrill

Down the valleys and up the hills

Till exhausted I lay, so tired and worn

Took off my masks and I was then Reborn


I felt the Spirit in the Crowds

In the Quiet songs and when they Raged out loud

One by one the Crowd grew thin

And I found myself Alone again


I sought the Spirit in the Holy House

Praying to marry God, become His Spouse

He laughed and said with the Sweetest grin

Be still my child, My Love has always been

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Ten Nineteen

Unbidden and unlooked for She came

Mingled, smuggled, riding on the songs

Secreted among the words, the rhythms

My body moved of its own will, lyrics sung in time

I was unwary and was singing her songs unguarded

Walls breeched without contest, I did not think to resist

I am laid low, captive again

But perhaps I was never free at all

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The Acorn and the Oak – Live

The Acorn and the Oak

Stepping out into a broader space

Leaving behind the familiar comforts of the rut

But, there I held sway, I was the master

Predictable, easy, except for the slow withering of my soul

Did my tricks to get my treats

But the former was confining and I had out grown it

Like a plant in too small a pot

Roots bound, tangled, seeking new earth

But to step out is to become weak again, to let go, to become a child

There was a brief thrill in the stepping out

Really it was a small thing made large by ego’s fear

But there was really no power there

Like a spider’s web it clung inciting primal fear

No power at all to resist a decision

But now the familiar is no more

Where once I was large now I am small, ignorant, and inexperienced once more

Planted in new ground hoping for the water and the warmth and the worms to do their work

The plane is large, expansive, might I grow to fill that new empty space

But the great Oak lives inside the tiny, shiny acorn

Food for squirrels or master of the Woodland

I am the Sower and I am the seed

It is not the breaking through that is the challenge

It is sitting still long enough to put down roots and grow in the new larger place

There are multiple buts in this process

But either way.  Be Groovy!


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