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Trinity Question

While theological questions can be fun and interesting they are not the same as real knowledge. Religion remains a belief and fiction, no matter how clever one becomes at playing with the constructs.

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The Turn

The Turn is made

The sun has begun its decent
The light now begins to wane, unveiling summer’s depth

The heat will slowly surrender its place
Making room for the coming, quickening Chill

Green gives up, bowing to Autumn’s palette

Rhythms shift, cadence slowly unwinds to match the pace of darkness and cold

My thoughts turn

My body knows before my mind can comprehend

That I will soon need your light and your heat in this new season
For Your light shines differently in the Darkness, a soft pearl white
Your warmth soothes and stills my restless Soul

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The call of the Beloved

Orange and yellow and red
Chilled air tinged with the subtle scent of falling leaves
Light’s new dance opens a veil, revealing Nature’s Soul
Soft skin, hushed laughter, tender touches, passion’s flame
Awaken the memories, stir the longing
They call to me, You call to me across space and time

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