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Jackie – Landslide

The unfolding of a singular, most precious, and beautiful flower. She is backed up by her two older brothers.  She is following the path of risk set before her and She is being revealed to the universe.  Listen twice.  The second time notice what lies just beneath the anxiety.  Watch her bouncing knee and what emerges when the leg is still and she is lost in the process (toward the end).  Ego’s anxiety vanishes like fog.  The veil lifts and Her Soul’s wonder is glimpsed.  It matches her smile.  She has natural talent, as do all of them, but my source of pride is in their courage and the humans they are becoming.  All people have talent and potential but those that risk, that put it out there, begin to know it.  And it can change the universe. They are finding their own Groove, their own Selves.


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Fishing in clear water


The water was perfect for swimming and tourists wanting a postcard picture but when fishing it’s better if things are a bit imperfect.  Me and the boys caught 40 or so of three or four different species over the three days.  The best part was them being there and them putting up with my obsession.  But there had been no real satisfaction.  Even after we had loaded the cart with all the gear and were making the last long walk toward the car I noticed some activity toward the shallows.  The boy sighed as I grabbed my rod and reel again.  He sat down on a bench and waited and looked at his phone.  Little did he know that I had been waiting for three days for this.  It’s part of fishing and life that you have to have a hook in the water when the fish are there.  The deal is that you get no prior notice so all you can do is keep casting.  The promise is that if you keep casting you WILL catch a fish.  That is life.  So today take hope and keep casting.  What you are fishing for will be by that way.  If you don’t give up you will be there casting when it comes.


Last fish in the last minutes of the three days fishing.  I let him go.  27 inches is the legal limit and he was thirty+.  Very Groovy!

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